Android 构建

A. Unity配置Android环境

  1. 打开菜单栏:Unity -> Preferences,设置External Tools -> Android。
  • JDK 设置。当电脑装有多版本JDK时候,可以使用命令查看并选择想要使用的版本。
/usr/libexec/java_home -V
  • SDK设置。 WX20221227-142254@2x.png
  1. 打开菜单栏:Unity -> Assets -> Mobile Dependency Resolver -> Android Resolver -> Settings。 WX20221227-142926@2x.png

B. 构建

  1. 打开菜单栏:File -> Build Settings,选择构建的Scene(Scenes In Build),切换平台至Android。
  • Player Settings 设置,Player选项进行App相关设置(Company Name、Product Name、 Version、Icon等) Build设置,勾选 Custom Main Gradle Template和Custom Gradle Properties Template
  1. 设置完后,直接点击Build进行构建。

iOS 构建(待做)


  1. 404 game init not found for game id

    ---> Unity.Services.Mediation.InitializeFailedException: Request to failed due to Instantiation Service initialization request failed with http status code 404 and server response: game init not found for game id: xxxxx

    解决办法:确认game id是否真的存在,注意一定要是game id 不是game name,这点在unity看板里具有迷惑性。

  2. 相关引用依赖库出现了问题,可以尝试选择Project页签下的: Plugins -> reimport

  3. 如果遇到useAndroidX,可以进行gradle Template设置


    This project uses AndroidX dependencies, but the 'android.useAndroidX' property is not enabled. Set this property to true in the file and retry.

    解决办法: Player Settings -> Player -> Build -> Custom Gradle Properties Template 勾选后,在其配置文件中增加如下配置内容:

    # Android Resolver Properties Start
    # Android Resolver Properties End
  4. 重复类问题

    java.lang.RuntimeException: Duplicate class found in modules


    Assets > Mobile Dependency Resolver > Android Resolver > Delete Resolved Libraries